26 August, 2011

Is your Cactus looking Cactus?

Is your Cactus looking Cactus???

Is your cactus looking a little sad and depressed at the moment?
Well, don't stress out about it too much, because you might find that he's just suffering from the Winter Blues!

During the winter months most species of cacti tend to go into a dormant state, and because of this they don’t like very much water.
So... Are you guilty of over-watering your cactus this month?
If you are, this may be the reason why he looks a little on the sad side - his roots may be sitting in water and slowly rotting away.
If this is the case, let him dry out and you will find that he will bounce back when the weather warms up.

So remember - during the winter months, let your cacti dry out between waterings. They will love you for it!!!