31 December, 2012

Amazing Lithops

At this time of the year I am always amazed at lithops and how they seem to love the hot weather and flourish with new plump growth. Our lithops started a few years ago with one plant only and every year they divide into 2 and double our stock.It is wonderful to watch this. At the end of their growing season their final finale is a gorgeous flower in the centre. Love it!  We have some growing from seed this season but these wont be large enough to go out into the big bad world until next year.

One amazing characteristic is their ability to change colour to the same colour as the gravel surrounding it. The photo here shows just how close they get to the correct colour. Apparently(according to David Attenborough) this wonderful ability is an adaptation to help camouflage themselves from animals seeing them and eating them.

Who would have thought that was possible? Very clever indeed.  

23 May, 2012

Rain and your Plants

Winter’s continuous rain can, from time to time, rot some of your precious succulents and cacti.
Having your favourite species in pots means that you can move them to areas where the watering can be controlled by you.
Move them to under the eaves of your house or under your pergola for Winter.
They will thank you for it!!!