03 December, 2014

New species - just in time for Christmas!

It is almost Christmas yet again, and boy has it come around quickly!
2014 has been an exciting roller-coaster ride to say the least, and we would personally like to thank you all for your continued support over the past year.

We are very happy to report that our brand new greenhouse is now completed, and with all this extra space plant production is very much in full swing!

Be sure to keep an eye out for all the new varieties which we will be releasing in the next couple of weeks. As a little Christmas treat, we thought we would introduce 5 new species before the New Year, as a sample of things to come.

From everyone here at Fickle Prickles, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

26 October, 2014

Succulent Wedding Favours and Thank you Gifts

Do you have a special event coming up? Wedding? Christening? Or an event where you need to give your invited friends and family a small something for attending? Succulents make the perfect wedding favour, bonbonniere or thank you gift. Here are some inspirational ideas on how you can incorporate succulents into your event:

Amy and Dave's guests were treated to a magical bonbonniere display at their wedding. Accompanied by a chalk board full of beautiful typography, The display contained succulents dressed up with doily patterned ribbon. Other ideas for dressing up a plastic pot include brown paper and twine, hessian or coloured ribbon tied into a bow.

Michelle and Brendan created adorable placeholders for their table setting from mini succulents in terracotta pots. Name tags can be attached using a bamboo stick or even a tiny wooden peg that you can pick up at most craft stores. Charming and practical, Michelle and Brendan's guests had a delightful memento to take home with them.

A big thank you to Amy and Michelle for sending us in their photos.

If you would like to know more about our wedding/event favours, please email us at sales@fickleprickles.com.au, and we will be happy to discuss the options available to make your event truly spectacular!

01 October, 2014

Germany's Grand Botanical Gardens

Germany was amazing. We were lucky enough to head over there at the end of summer, and so experienced blissful temperatures of low twenties the entire time. Bumble bees were buzzing about, gorgeous flowers were in bloom and people of all ages flocked to see the stunning castles and botanical gardens that seemed to exist around just about every corner. A girl could get used to this.

One such attraction was the Botanische Gärten der Universität located near Bonn, a beautiful city on the banks of the Rhine River. The garden is one of the oldest and most traditional gardens north of the Alps, and accompanies an area of over fifteen acres.

In the garden were several greenhouses, and one was dedicated entirely to succulents and cacti. Seeing the grand size of some of these species really told the story of how long this cactus house has been established. The tree like aloe in the background, if I remember correctly, is Aloe dichotoma. It looked to be very well established, and was a real crowd pleaser.

It was truly unfortunate that we did not get to see the Titan Arums in flower, one of the main attractions of the garden. Known as one of the most spectacular phenomena in the plant kingdom, the Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanium) can grow up to six metres tall and just about as wide. Its inflorescence (or flower) has only been witnessed in a handful of places around the world, and is known for its smell which imitates a rotting animal carcass.

The next stop for us was Spogagafa, and this international trade show lived up to its reputation of being one of the largest trade shows in the world. We spoke to some great succulent growers form Germany and Holland and saw some very interesting cacti and succulent displays. What caught our eye the most was the incorporation of 'bling' to almost every plant we saw. Fake flowers glued on, accessories like hats and mustaches attached, and some succulents were even painted in glittery and glow-in-the-dark paint.

What do you think - Trendy or trashy? We would love to know your opinion - head on over to our facebook page and make your verdict.

30 July, 2014

We are off to Spoga Gafa in Germany!

What on earth is Spoga Gafa you may be asking? ...

Spoga Gafa is a 3 day international garden industry trade show held in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany. Nearly 40,000 visitors attend the trade show each year, and we here at Fickle Prickles are lucky enough to be one of those visitors!

We are hoping to bring back to Australia fantastic gardening ideas and creative concepts that we can pass onto you, our fellow cactorians!

What does this mean for you?

Our online store will be temporarily closed from the 15th August 2014 to the 8th September 2014.

Orders may still be placed during this time, but will not be processed until the 8th of September.

We will be at both the August Kalamunda Markets this Saturday the 2nd August 2014
the September Kalamunda Markets on Saturday the 6th September 2014 (with a small amount of jet-lag...)

28 June, 2014

July is for Planting! TIPS on Planting Succulents in the Garden

It is supposed to be winter... right? It seems like you would never be able to tell with these beautiful, warm and sunny days we have been having. But who are we to complain? What a great excuse to get outside and plant up those gardens. There are many benefits to planting succulents in the garden at this time of year; the most important being that your plants will have time to acclimatise to their new environment before Summer rears its ugly head.
If you are thinking of revamping a space in your garden, here are some tips to consider:
  1. Make sure your soil is well draining, as succulents don't like to have wet feet. Add some coarse grain sand to help improve its draining ability. If your soil is clay, add some gypsum along with coarse grain sand.
  2. Plan your arrangement - Plant in rows to create a border, or plant in a group to create a mass effect. Create a feature of a taller species and plant lower growing varieties around or in front of it.
  3. Mulching your garden is a great way to keep the soil warm during Winter and cool during Summer. Pebbles, wood chips and gravel all make excellent mulches - just be sure to keep the mulch away from the base of your plant, as this can cause rotting.
To assist in your mass planting project we have reduced the cost of our Season Mix of 50. This selection includes 50 succulents chosen from our collection. There will be at least 20 different species in the selection and they will all come in 50mm pots.

For two weeks only, our seasonal mix of 50 is only $160. Regular Price $175. This comes with free postage and can be shipped to anywhere within WA. Online orders only. Sale ends 13th July. Order Now!

02 June, 2014

Sedums in Autumn

Pictured (clockwise from left): Sedum sieboldii, Sedum 'Vera Jameson', Sedum lineare variegata. 

Does your sedum look like it is dying? DON'T THROW IT OUT!!!!!

Some sedums such as Sedum alboroseum 'Mediovariegatum', Sedum sieboldii, Sedum lineare variegata and the alpine stonecrop sedums like Sedum 'Vera Jameson' will die back slightly at this time of the year. This is because they are semi deciduous. However, if you look closely at the base of the plant you will see small shoots arising from the soil. In spring, once these shoots have reached a reasonable size, cut the older branches back to the ground. The new shoots will grow rapidly to form new healthy growth!

27 April, 2014

5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas Hand Made By You!

5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas Hand Made By You:

1. Succulent Wreath

A succulent wreath can last for years to come and can be placed down flat on a table, or hung up on a door or wall.
What you will need: Everything you will need to make your own Succulent Wreath comes in our Succulent Wreath Kits. They come in two sizes: Succulent Wreath Kit - 12 inch and Succulent Wreath Kit - 14 inch.
How to do it: For full instructions on how to make a wreath, check out our tutorial - How to make a Succulent Wreath.

2. Potted Succulents

Potted Succulents are incredibly versatile - place them indoors or outdoors, on a table, shelf, window sill or on the ground. Give them that special touch by painting the pot or by making your own gift tag on a spike - Your mum will love it!
What you will need:
  • Supplies: pots, potting mix, fertiliser, pebbles and sphagnum moss are available under Supplies.
  • Plants: Pick something from the Collectables Range for something a touch more unique.
  • Potted Kits are also available.

How to do it: Check out Succulent Art's website for project tips and tricks on how to pot up succulents.

3. Potted Succulent Gardens

Here's where you get to have fun picking a container to plant your succulents into. It can be anything! Wooden boxes, ceramic planters, tea cups, old toys, shoes! Look around in your back shed or your local op shop for inspiration.
What you will need:

How to do it: Check out Succulent Art's website for tips on selecting succulents and arranging them in your potted succulent gardens.

4. A Mixed Selection of Succulents

Whether they be for her garden or for a particular succulent project, your mum will love a range of succulent plants to play with and admire. We have seasonal mixed selections in various quantities,as well as a selection of entirely Sedums and a selection with vertical gardens in mind. See Mixed Selections for more details.

5. A Gift Certificate

Overwhelmed by choice? Let her decide! Fickle Prickles Gift Certificates come in a variety of prices and are valid for one year. They can be spent on anything on our website, or bring it along to the next Kalamunda Markets. See Gift Certificates for more details.

30 March, 2014

5 Simple Reasons why you should create a Vertical Garden

5 Simple Reasons why you should create a Vertical Garden:

1. Maximise Space
Vertical Gardens are great for urban areas with little to no back yard space. By planting upwards, you can increase the number of species in your collection and reduce the odds of your partner complaining about tripping over yet another pot next to the pathway.

2. Privacy
Hide away that ugly fence, air conditioner, *cough* neighbour *cough*with a vertical garden privacy screen.

3. Accessibility
Vertical Gardens are great for those with health and mobility challenges, as plants are raised off from the ground and are easier to reach (Save your back!)

4. Micro Climate
Whenever you plant succulents close together, you are creating a micro climate where each plant protects the others from severe heat, cold or any other undesirable elements. You are also creating a micro climate for the surrounding area - cool down a hot paved courtyard, or reduce the surrounding traffic noise of the area.

5. Eye Candy
Makeover the dreariest of spaces into a colourful wonderland!

Succulents are a fantastic choice for vertical gardens as they have the ability to live in shallow soils and can adapt to all types of environmental conditions. Select different succulent colours, forms and textures to make your vertical garden really unique and individual.