06 August, 2010

Caring for Cacti

Cacti make excellent additions to anyone’s garden, veranda, table top, shelf, desk – Indoors or outdoors, the options are endless! And with their amazing ability to adapt to their environment, they are super easy to look after and care for.
Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

Cacti like a decent amount of light. If they are indoors, the best place to keep them is next to a window. If they are outdoors, under a patio or veranda in a spot where they can receive indirect sunlight is the perfect position. They can withstand being out in the full sun for most of the year, but some can burn if they are kept out in the sun during the summer months. Ideally, try to aim for a position that has ample light, but only a small amount of direct sunlight. South facing positions are always an excellent choice.
Spring, Summer and Autumn
Most Cacti have their main growing period in spring, summer and autumn. During this time they can be watered quite frequently. In the middle of summer you may find that they need watering every couple of days. The frequency of watering really depends on the container and the position they are in, as well as the time of the year. The most general rule of thumb is – If the soil is dry, water them!
During winter, most cacti go into a dormant state and will need to be kept dry for long periods of time. Watering 3 or 4 times during the whole winter period will most likely be sufficient. Remember, the main culprit of sickly or dying cacti is rot caused by over-watering in winter - so do try to minimize watering during this season. It is also a good idea to keep them under cover during winter and away from the rain. Try to avoid using saucers under your pots unless you are happy to empty them after each watering. Cacti don’t like to sit in water for any period of time.
Potting mix
If it comes time for you to re-pot your cactus, remember that all cacti need to be potted into a well draining cactus mix. There are several commercial cactus and succulent mixes on the market that offer adequate drainage, however you can always improve the quality of the mix by adding 1 part of perlite or coarse grain sand to every 3 parts of potting media. Re-pot your cactus every few years to encourage new growth.
One Last Thing…
Mealybug and Scale can cause problems for our prickly friends, but luckily they are problems you can easily rectify. If you see cottony looking bugs or raised spots on the body of your cactus, simply spray them with a systemic insecticide. This will help to keep these pesky little devils at bay.
See, it really is easy to look after your prickly friends, and by following these basic tips, your cactus will continue to look magnificent for years and years to come!
Collect, admire and enjoy!


  1. To bad you live in Australia and me in California because I think we would be succulent friends. I have a blog too that is mainly about my precious succulents. We should exchange notes Ha Ha!

    Hope to talk with you soon.

  2. Sorry, a few months late on my reply,however keeping in touch is a great idea....I would love to hear about your plants and exchange ideas.I love your blog by the way. I am always searching for new and novel ideas of what to do with my collection.I will keep in touch.

  3. That is wonderful! Can't wait to see more pictures!