13 February, 2011

Roleystone/Kelmscott Bushfires

Well, once some of the roads in Roleystone were declared safe for the public to go through again after the bushfire that wrecked havoc last weekend, we took a wander down Canning Mills Road and were absolutely devestated at the destruction to the Darling Range.

This photo just doesn't show justice to the hectares upon hectares of bushland that were completely destroyed, not to mention the countless number of houses that were demolished to the ground within minutes. It is truly remarkable that no one was hurt.

I would like to give a massive shout out to the awesome fire fighting departments of Perth and the countless volunteers who put their lives on the line for so many hours on end to battle the massive blaze. Also a BIG thank you to the Salvation Army for feeding our fire fighters, and to the ABC radio for keeping all of us up to date on the latest alerts and warnings. without you we would have truly been really lost!

If anyone would like to make a donation to those who have lost their homes, please go to
The Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund Website .

Or, to help contribute to those awesome Salvos who helped out, please visit
The Salvation Army Website.

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