25 January, 2018

4 more DIY succulent valentine ideas!

Skip the chocolates this year, and those expensive flower arrangements that only last a week - Give your Valentine a special gift that will last! We have found 4 really simple, yet incredibly adorable Valentine's gift tutorials that your special someone will love!

Punnerific Pot
Found on Pinterest

Jazz up a terracotta pot with some paint, wind some jute around the lip of the pot and don't forget to include your favorite succulent pun. This one says "You had me at aloe", but some of my other favorite succulent themed puns include:
" I ALOE you VERA much"
"My life would SUCC without you" 
and "I'm so glad I pricked you" 

Plant a succulent of your choosing and you have one punnerific valentine's gift.

Succulent Book Planter
Found on Pinterest

I love this idea - so simple, yet really dramatic. I think the hardest part would be picking a book you are willing to drill a hole into (I suggest heading towards the tax law section of your local second hand book store). 

What's great about these is that they are more than just a temporary display. If you can drill the hole in your book stack the same size as your potted succulent, you can simply place your plant (pot and all) in there and remove when it needs watering. Wait until the water drains out the pot, and back into the book he goes. Brilliant! It could last for years to come! A perfect gift for succulent lovers of all types.

Succulent Dinosaur Planter

A quirky gift for that someone special in your life on Valentine's day. These guys are easier to make than you think, all you need is some sharp scissors or tin snips to cut a hole in a plastic dinosaur. Poke a hole or two in the bottom for drainage and plant away! I personally would love to see these with a cactus or two in them. You can leave the dinosaurs Au Naturel, or paint in funky colours - flouros, metallics, any colour that takes your fancy!

Succulent Miniature Garden
Found on Pinterest

Miniature gardens or fairy gardens don't have to be a grand affair. A simple pot with 2 or 3 succulents and 1 or 2 miniature accessories make a gorgeous display, and a great gift for Valentines Day.

Pick accessories that match in size and theme and you can't go wrong. I do recommend planting into a container with a drainage hole, so the garden can live on well into the future. See our range of Miniature Garden Accessories on our website.

So there you have it, 4 more ideas to DIY your way into any succulent lovers heart this Valentines Day. Be sure to check out our Valentine's article form last year - 4 Delightful DIY Succulent Valentine ideas - for more gift ideas and tutorials.

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